Sunday, June 27, 2010

$10 - Week 2

I did better this week with my money.  I actually know where it went. 
When I went to the bank to get my $10 I had to get money in multiples of $20.  I didn't want $20, but I did want $10 so I took the $20.  I was afraid that I would spend more if I had it, but it turned out have a larger bill made me not spend much at all.

I didn't spend any money until Thursday when I took Annabelle to McDonald's for lunch. 

$4 - McDonalds
Annabelle got chicken nuggets and french fries and I got one of those frozen strawberry lemonades.  I really wanted to try one so I treated myself.  I wouldn't get it again and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.  It sort of tastes like it comes from a powder.

$1 - Dollar Tree
I bought Annabelle a fairy at the Dollar Tree in Grandville.  If you haven't been in that one you really should.  It is quite lovely.  I love the Dollar Tree in Holland (by Walmart), but this one is just wonderful. 
Anyway, Annabelle loves little figurines and I love her so I let her pick one out.  It was a hard choice for her - she was between the fairy and the ballerina girl.

Total Spent

Total Saved

I'm getting better at this and really thinking about what I want to buy.

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