Monday, May 23, 2011

Gardening with Great Grandpa

Last year Annabelle had so much fun planting seeds with Grandpa Pete so we had to make sure she go to do it again this year.  Ariel had fun planting seeds too.

There are quite a few pictures, but I feel like every picture of the girls is wonderful so I have a hard time narrowing it down.

"Where are my seeds?"


My girls are so precious.  My husband is so wonderful.  I am so blessed.


Ariel likes to preted that she is a doggy.  This is normal - google says it shows a healthy imagination.  And since google has the answer for everything I'm good with what they say :)
She usually just does it at home with a little bit of barking.
The other day though we were eating and she took her plate, put it on the floor, and ate off it with her mouth.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day

A daughter is a gift of love.

I love being a mommy to two special little girls!

Easter Part 4 - Another Easter Egg Hunt

The girls got to do a second Easter Egg Hunt at Grammy and Papa's House.
They got a ton of candy!

"Can I have this?"

"I guess I'll have another...and another...and another"

...and another.

Easter Part 3 - Easter Morning

Daddy and his girls


Mommy and her girls

Easter Baskets
I explained to the girls that they got presents in their
Easter Baskets as a reminder of the gift Jesus gave us
when he died on the cross for our sins.
I'm not sure it totally sank it, but if I say it year after year,
they will get it.

Daddy even got a treat - he had been wanting some Cadbury Eggs.

Just the movie she has been wanting

Showing off their jewels

They love each other so much!