Thursday, May 12, 2011

Easter Part 1 - Marshmallow Drop

There was a Marshmallow Drop at the airport.  They said they were going to drop
200 pounds of marshmallows.  The kids had to only get 1 marshmallow,
bring it to this other area and they would get a bag of treats.
 The marshmallows being dropped from the helicoptor.
You really can't see the marshmallows in the picture, but there is
a little spot right below the helicoptor.

The mad dash to find a marshmallow.

Success!  James and Annabelle got 4 marshmallows -
1 for each of the girls and they gave away 2.

Excited about her treats.

There were a ton of people there.  We were lucky to get a treat bag because we had heard that there were only 500 treat bags.  Luckily for the girls they have a competitive daddy.  I struggle with being competitive so I am not sure they would have gotten anything if it were just me.

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