Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Belly

I am not a fan of taking picture of my belly when it is big (or normal for that matter).  However my sister wanted to see and putting it on here would be a good way to keep a record.  I didn't take pictures with the other girls, so this time I made sure to take one every week.  I may have missed a couple weeks because I was too sick.  These are all pictures of me so don't feel like you need to look through this whole post.

5 Weeks

7 Weeks

8 Weeks

9 Weeks

10 Weeks

11 Weeks

12 Weeks

13 Weeks

14 Weeks

15 Weeks

17 Weeks

18 Weeks

19 Weeks - wearing my own jeans!

20 Weeks - Half Way

21 Weeks

22 Weeks

23 Weeks

24 Weeks

25 Weeks

26 Weeks

27 Weeks

28 Weeks

29 Weeks

30 Weeks

31 Weeks

32 Weeks

33 Weeks

34 Weeks

35 Weeks

36 Weeks

Delivery Day - 36 Weeks 1 Day

Carseat Challenge

Since Arianna was early and tiny she had to partake in the Carseat Challenge.
This means she had to sit in her carseat for an hour and be monitored.  They were watching for heart rate and oxygen levels. 
Unfortunately our little princess did not pass.  Her oxygen was low.  This means that for the next month an adult has to sit in the back with her and make sure her head doesn't flop over and cut off her oxygen. 
This puts a bit of a kink in my going anywhere once James goes back to work. 
He took a few days off so we have been getting all our errands done before he goes back to work.

My friend/nurse, Shari, got a picture of her during the carseat challenge.

Getting Settled

It is so nice to be home.  The girls are loving having their baby sister home.  They want to hold her, talk to her, rub her smooth skin, read to her.

Going Home

After being in the hospital for a couple days I was ready to go home and the girls were ready to have me home.  I was fortunate to have really great nurses the whole time.  I even had one of my friends, Shari, a couple times.   
You can't tell, but I wore my own jeans home!!

Annabelle picked out really cute flower dresses for her and Ariel to wear.  I was hoping to get a picture of all 5 of us, but Ariel was so tired that it just wasn't going to be an option. 

Our 3 Girls

Annabelle and Ariel have been so excited about their baby sister coming.  Annabelle had the order of who would hold her figured out for a long time - Mommy, Daddy, Annabelle, Ariel.

The girls love holding their sister and are always asking for a turn.