Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fun in the Van

This afternoon I cleaned out the van and the girls were having so much fun playing in there that we decided to cozy up with a blanket and read stories.

I tried to get a picture of all three of us, but it is
really hard.  My arm is only so long plus Ariel didn't
seem to want to pose with us.

So I decided to take a picture of just Annabelle and me.
I thought I looked pretty good in this one, but Annabelle
felt the need to pull a funny face.

Take 2:
I look goofy and Annabelle has a sweet smile.

Take 3:
Another silly face.  My eyes are both open!

Aren't they adorable sitting there reading!!

Reading Time turned into Play Time

Ariel wanted to "dri" (drive)

My sweety girl.

Sometimes it if fun to do something a little different.  The girls thought it was so fun to spend almost 2 hours playing and reading in the van!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ballerina Belle

Yesterday was Annabelle's last day of Ballet class.  She enjoyed it so much.  We signed her up for the summer class. 

Sick Day

Annabelle came down with a fever at playgroup.  We went right home after I picked them up and they both wanted to relax with a movie.  I thought it might be fun to watch it in bed.  We don't have a tv in our bedroom so I had to improvise.
I took our tv (really it is their tv - we have a tv from this century) and put it at the head of the bed (thats where the outlet is), then I pulled the covers back at the foot of the bed, got them cozied in, gave them a snack, and turned on the movie.  They had a lot of fun watching a movie in bed together.

Try not to be too jealous of the tv, but it does have a
built-in vcr.

Boston Cream Pie yogurt and chocolate chips - a favorite snack!!

Dinner with Great G&G

My grandma and grandpa took us to pizza hut for dinner.  We all had a great time.  The girls love being with them so much.

Spring is in the Air

Last weekend was so nice.  The girls were so happy to get outside and play.

Playing with the bean table.

Drawing with chalk.

Annabelle drew a super sweet picture of the two of us.
I love it.  I might frame it and put it by my bed.

Ariel also drew a lovely picture. 

We are so excited for it to be lovely everyday!!!

A Style All Her Own

Lately Ariel has had such an opinion about what she wears.  Quite often I give in because it is just easier and really its not that big of a deal (took me awhile to get to this point). 

This was that nice day we had last weekend.  Ariel HAD to wear
her fall coat, snow pants, and crocs.

She HAD to wear a leotard to Annabelle's ballet class.
Then she HAD to add the hat.

This is tonight.  She HAD to wear the pink shirt, the purple pants,
the light pink shorts, the dark pink shorts, and the Dora panties.

Today we went to the store and she HAD to wear 3 coats.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby On the Way

14.5 weeks

Here I am at 14.5 weeks.  I have never been one to take pictures of myself pregnant, but looking back I wish I did so that I could compare. 
I think there are a few reasons that I didn't:
a.  I was so sick that taking pictures was the last thing I wanted to do
b.  I was one of the first of my friends to have a baby so I didn't really see other belly pictures
c.  I was a bit self conscious of my growing tummy

With Ariel I did take one picture at the hospital in the gown.
This time I have been taking a picture every week.

I feel like I look pretty good for being 14 weeks with baby #3.  Like the girls, this baby is high, which is nice because I am still wearing my own jeans comfortably. 

It is sort of difficult to take a picture of yourself without it being blurry and making sure you get what you want. I added the pillow since the black shirt made it a bit hard to see.

I really started showing this week.  It was also obvious to my students.  I had one girl (2nd grade) sort of joke and say, "Are you having a baby?"  I told her I was and it took her awhile to believe me.  Then I had another little girl (1st grade) ask me.  Then she asked me again, then again.  I'm pretty sure on Monday she will ask me a few more times. 
I am anticipating a lot of tummy rubbing in my near future.  I am perfectly fine with this as I had lots of kids rubbing my tummy with the girls. 
It is really fun when they ask how the baby gets out.  Sometimes I make up a story about something silly or I tell them to ask their mama. 

I have been feeling better (as in not throwing up every single day), but I am still nausous about 100% of the time.  Once in awhile I will still get sick, but its maybe once a week or so.  I think it happens when the baby is growing.  This is just my theory, but I like it. 

We are excited to find out if it is a boy or a girl. 
As far as naming goes we have a boy name, but the girl name is a bit of a challenge for us.  We also have Annabelle's opinion to consider.  I was telling her some names and she said to me, "I just don't like the way your mind works."  It may take awhile to find a name the three of us like.  I'm sure if James and I pick one that Annabelle doesn't like we will be able to change her mind.

Beri Girl

Ariel is a pretty silly girl.  She likes to do things that she knows will make us laugh.
This is what she wanted to wear the other day.  A too-small hat, 1 glove, a jammie shirt, and a life jacket.
Then she would pull the hat over her face.

This is a really fun age, but is also challenging as she knows what she wants and it is very difficult (and doesn't happen without tears) to talk her out of it. 

She has been really fussy lately and has had a non-stop runny nose.  Finally the other day I throught that I should check for teeth coming in.  Sure enough there is a molar that has a long way to go, but is definetly under the gums. 
It took me forever to figure out why Annabelle was so crabby at this age and it turns out it was those crazy molars.  Fortunatly I figured it out sooner this time and we can give her medicine and extra patience while she goes through this.

I'm Back

Its been about 6 weeks since my last post.  I didn't really feel like blogging much.  I think it was because of a few reasons:
1.  Our computer wasn't working
2.  I was so super sick
3.  I just didn't really have much to blog about (this may be tied to number 2)

Well, I am back and I am hoping to keep up with what is going on with our princess girls.

Annabelle started ballet, which has been a life long dream of hers.
Ariel wants to be like her sister so much that she had to wear a leotard to ballet class even though she isn't actually in the class.
Annabelle loves ballet so much.  The first week we thought we were going to sit in the room with her, but that wasn't the case.  The girls went in and the door closed.  For those of you who know Annabelle you would understand how we felt as we waited for her to start crying, quit the class, and never return.  For those of you who don't know Annabelle, she has a hard time leaving mommy and daddy (ex:  I teach the Sunday school class so we don't have to hear her scream, it took about a month for her to not cry when I dropped her off at playgroup)
Anyways, James and I were betting on how long it would take before the tears started.  We both lost.  She loved every minute of her class and could hardly wait until her next one. 
My little girl is growing up!!!!!
Since we do not get to be in the room it is very hard to take pictures throught the glass.  Here are some I got before class started.