Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Cookies

 Have you tried these cookies?

They are quite a tasty little treat.  My friend Sarah and I used to eat them all season long when we worked together.  She said they go great with a cup of coffee.  She said she was going to find out which taste better:  the red or the green cookies. I am a fan of the green, but James thinks they taste the same.

I have only seen them at Meijers and Family Fare. Next time you go to the store you should pick up a package and have a little treat.

A New Tradition

I think traditions are so fun. 
I am hoping this will be a new one for us.
I wrapped up Christmas books (you may have seen this on pinterest) and the girls get to each open one every night until Christmas.

The first night the Christmas Tree Fairy visited and left a little present by the front door.  She left the book, a little fairy for our tree, and a note telling the girls to remember to think of others during Christmastime. 

The second night one of my friends from highschool was here with her daughter so we got to read 3 books.

The girls seem to be enjoying opening a present every night even though they know what it is.