Saturday, May 26, 2012

Read to Me

My girls LOVE books.  I LOVE books.  Sometimes I just dont' have the time to read to them.

I foudn this website from Barnes and Noble
It reads books to your children.
The girls love this!  They can choose what book they want to listen to. 
This works out great when I am getting ready in the morning.
Each month they add a new story.
Some of the girls favorites are

Friday, May 18, 2012

Learning is Fun

I brought home some blueboards from school and the girls had such a fun time working on them.  Arianna also got in on the action by doing (chewing on) a puzzle.

Tot Time Is Over

Annabelle finished preschool this week.  She had school on Monday and then there was a picnic on Wednesday.  She has been saying that she never wants to leave preschool because she loves it so much.
She has really enjoyed every minute of school this year.  She chose to get Mrs. Monhollon a gift card to Panera.  Annabelle's teacher described her as:  friendly, enthusiastic, sweet, and smart!  I am so proud of my girl.

Say Cheese!

Annabelle has been wanting her picture taken on the rocks in front of Carter's for a long time.  we went the other day and I had my camera with me so she did some posing for me.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

I love these 3 little girlies so so so much.  They make my heart so happy!

Daughters are like flowers, they fill the world with beauty.
  ~Author Unknown

Dedicating Arianna

Today we dedicated our third baby girl to the Lord.  We let everyone know that we will raise Arianna in a home where she will know who God is and to help her establish a personal relationship with Christ. 

Praying for our family.
A lady from our church has prayed for each of my girls and each time her simple prayer has made me tear up.  Sandy has a heart of gold and loves to pray for my family.  I'm sure she doesn't get told it very often, but I am thankful that Sandy is a part of our church family.

Train up a child in the way she should go; even when she is old he will not depart from it.

Rainy Day Parade

We went to the parad on Saturday with Erica and Caden.
It started out dry, then it sprinkled, then it stopped, then it poured. 
We were already wet, so we stayed.
Then Ariel fell asleep (on James shoulders) and we were wet, so we left.

We went into a doorway for a little bit.

Helping Erica hold the umbrella

Waiting for the parade to start.

Annabelle was our commentator.  She told us what was coming up next.

Even though we got wet, we had fun.  We did come close to melting since we are all so sweet :)

Tulip Time Fun

I like Tulip Time a lot.  I think it is fun to dress up the girls and be downtown.

Annabelle went out and danced at the end!

Silly little girlie

Annabelle even wore her dutch hat to playgroup.

Elephant Ear

We went downtown every night to watch my mom and sisters dance.
On Friday night we all shared an Elephant Ear (except James, he doesn't like cinnamon).

"I want some"

"I really do want some"

"Told you I wanted some"

"Ok, I guess I didn't really want it"

"Well, maybe I will give it another try"

"I guess the taste grows on you"

I only let her lick a little of it.  She didn't actually eat an elephant ear.

Later that night I was telling the girls that an elephant ear was like cinnamon sugar toast.  Annabelle said, "Except it is an ear."

That should hold us until next year.