Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Firework Fun!

We weren't planning on going to the fireworks this past weekend, but we decided to go after Ariel took a nap until 6:30. 
We knew we didn't want to find parking, walk, and then walk back afterwards; so we parked the van across from Kollen Park.   We had a perfect spot - we were right in front of the barge that shot off the fireworks.
James made smoothies and I popped popcorn.  The girls got their blankets and pillows and we cuddled up and watched the show!  This was the perfect way to enjoy the fireworks with 2 little girls and a sleeping baby.

All ready to go

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  1. One time my mom took us to the fireworks in her pick up truck. We took treats and sleeping bags and pillows. We watched the fireworks and camped out in the truck bed until all the traffic was gone and then went home. It was great. Although I don't remember the going home part. I have a feeling she carried alot of sleeping kids to bed.