Sunday, February 26, 2012

Girls Day

Annabelle had a field trip the other day and I was the parent helper.  I decided to take the whole day off so we could spend it together.

We started out by going to her field trip which was downtown at Carolyn Stitch Art Studio.

We went for lunch at her favorite place - Panera.  She loves the Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Then we went to the mall and had some fun.

Annabelle had a chiropractor appointment so we picked up the girls from playgroup and brought them to my grandma and grandpa for a little bit.

I love it when I can spend time with her all by herself.  We have so much fun together.
It is so important to me to make sure my girls know how much I love them.


Annabelle is just like me when I was younger.
She doesn't like cheese unless it is melted, she doesn't like it when things are just how she thinks they should be, she makes sure I do her hair without bumps, and she doesn't like jeans.

Well, now she is a bit different from me...........she likes jeans.
The other day she said that she wanted to try on jeans.
(I didn't want to try on jeans until middle school.  I struggled with not being dorky.
When my mom did make me wear them I usually put tights on underneath.  I am now thinking of my week at camp when I had to wear jeans for horsemanship.  I pretty much cried the whole time.)

Anyway, back to Annabelle.
We went to Old Navy and picked out a few pairs for her to try on.
I was worried that she wouldn't like them because they feel so different from leggings.
She loved them and looks adorable in them.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Annabelle is 5!

It turned out that I had to stay home from work on Friday and that was perfect because it was Annabelle's birthday.
I told her we could do whatever she wanted to do.  (I did help guide some of her ideas)

First the girls had breakfast.  Yogurt with flower sprinkles and flower cinnamon sugar toast with fairy dust.

Then we got some donuts at Crane's Downtown and had a snack with Daddy at work.  I forgot to take pictures of this, but you can imagine it was cute.

Then we went home and had Annabelle's all time favorite meal - Chips and Cheese.
I was able to liven it up with some jewel water (colored ice cubes)

Then they had a brownie person for a treat.
Then the girls spent some time playing with toys that we don't usually have out. 

For a snack the girls had Koala Yummies in chocolate and strawberry and some grapes.

Annabelle chose to go to Pizza Hut for dinner.

Then we  came home and had a bit of ice cream and then settled in to watch her new movie Tangled.

Annabelle had a great birthday and is now getting used to being 5.  She doesn't think she is 5 yet because she still looks like she did when she was 4.

Happy Birthday Annabelle Rose.  We love you so much!!

Birthday Treat

At Annabelle's school the Birthday Kid brings in a treat, but they treat goes home.  They kids do not eat it at school.  I was trying to think of something that would transport easily and be fun. 
I got the idea to do the cakepops from pinterest.  I used the recipe from
They were time consuming, but over all pretty easy.
I would make them again because I loved how they turned out.  I am thinking that with a few more tries I would perfect the technique.

First I made a regular box cake.

Then my little helpers helped me break it up into crumbs.

Then we stirred in the frosting.

It was messy so we washed our hands quite
a few times during the process.

This little sweetie baby just hung out and watched us.

My little princess is ready to dip the cake pops.

We dipped them in melted candy to get that "smooth" look.
I guess it is smoother than trying to frost them.
I used a box to put the cakepops in to harden.

Annabelle put sprinkles on them and I wrapped
them in a little bag.

Annabelle brought them to school in a little basket.

We made enough for her to bring to playgroup next week when they celebrate her birthday.