Sunday, February 26, 2012


Annabelle is just like me when I was younger.
She doesn't like cheese unless it is melted, she doesn't like it when things are just how she thinks they should be, she makes sure I do her hair without bumps, and she doesn't like jeans.

Well, now she is a bit different from me...........she likes jeans.
The other day she said that she wanted to try on jeans.
(I didn't want to try on jeans until middle school.  I struggled with not being dorky.
When my mom did make me wear them I usually put tights on underneath.  I am now thinking of my week at camp when I had to wear jeans for horsemanship.  I pretty much cried the whole time.)

Anyway, back to Annabelle.
We went to Old Navy and picked out a few pairs for her to try on.
I was worried that she wouldn't like them because they feel so different from leggings.
She loved them and looks adorable in them.


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  2. no jeans!! too hard to get my hand in your knickers