Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beri Girl

Ariel is a pretty silly girl.  She likes to do things that she knows will make us laugh.
This is what she wanted to wear the other day.  A too-small hat, 1 glove, a jammie shirt, and a life jacket.
Then she would pull the hat over her face.

This is a really fun age, but is also challenging as she knows what she wants and it is very difficult (and doesn't happen without tears) to talk her out of it. 

She has been really fussy lately and has had a non-stop runny nose.  Finally the other day I throught that I should check for teeth coming in.  Sure enough there is a molar that has a long way to go, but is definetly under the gums. 
It took me forever to figure out why Annabelle was so crabby at this age and it turns out it was those crazy molars.  Fortunatly I figured it out sooner this time and we can give her medicine and extra patience while she goes through this.

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