Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Bit of a Coincidence

On Friday morning I decided I really wanted to get my stroller and car seat.  So I called James and he said it was fine to go ahead and get it.  I had to go to the Woodland mall for the one I wanted.  So I loaded the girls in the van with snacks and movies and we were off.
I really wanted this Travel System and had the hardest time finding it.  Finally I found out that the Sears in the Woodland mall had it.

We got the stroller/carseat and headed for home. 
As we were driving home I started feeling some consistent contractions.  I was timing them and they were between 4 and 5 minutes apart.  They were not painful though. 
When we got home I told the girls we could go swimming.  I continued having contractions while they were swimming.  I decided to get my phone and time them a little bit more.  They were about 3 minutes apart.  I was still not feeling any pain, just the tightening. 
I told my mom and grandma that I was having contractions and they wondered what I was doing at the pool.  I knew it wasn't enough to put me into labor right away so I wanted to let the girls have some fun. 
Around 3:45 I decided we should go home and call the doctor. 
I called and they said I should head to the hospital.  I called James and he got home around 4:30.
I was hoping that I would get to stay and not be sent home.

When I had Annabelle I had bought the carseat and stroller that same day too.  James even told me that he was thinking the baby would come since I went and got it.

We arrived at the hopsital around 5:00pm.

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