Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Little Artists

A week or so ago Annabelle asked if they could paint.  It had been a really long time since she painted.  I"m not sure Ariel has ever painted.  So we got out the paint and the paper and the girls set to work.

Doing such a nice job making pretty pictures.

Trying a little finger painting.

Ariel decided to paint her body.  Annabelle used to do this at Ariel's age too.

Looks like Annabelle still paints herself :)

I LOVE this picture!!!

I set up towels from the kitchen to the bathroom for the girls to walk on.

Tons of paint on the floor and even some on the wall.
My Shark Steam Mop cleaned it up so easily.

This is the paint we use.  It doesn't stain anything and comes of super easy.

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  1. love to live at your house your girls are always almost naked, so easy to "play"