Thursday, April 28, 2011

Half Way

*I don't really do pregnancy posts but I thought the half way mark deserved a little attention*

Today I am 20 weeks pregnant.  It feels like it has gone by pretty quickly despite the severe and sometimes intense sickness I (and my family) had to deal with.
I feel like I am pretty much in the clear now.  Once in awhile at night I will feel a little nausous, but its not all day and I'm not actually getting sick.
Here I am at 20 weeks.  I really wish I had taken pictures before so I could compare. 
I have gained a total of 12 pounds, but 5 of that was getting back the weight I lost while being sick.  So 7 pounds doesn't sound as bad.  I am still able to wear my own pants comfortably because as you can see in the picture the baby is quite high. 

We had another ultrasound yesterday and we were again told that we are having a little girl. Since we have confirmation that we are having a girl I don't really need to keep our name a secret.  I won't post it on here, but if you see me and want to know I will tell you.  We just aren't name-secret-keepers over here. 
(I actually told as many people as I could Annabelle's name because so many people were pregnant at that time that I  wanted to make sure they knew that was my name.)

Maybe I will do another post in 10 weeks or so. 

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