Thursday, April 14, 2011


Easter is coming! 

I believe it is our responsibility as parents to make sure (even at a young age) that our children know what the true reason for Easter is. 

Usually I will read the Easter story many times.  We use this book.  There is more than our girls need to understand the story so we skip some of it .

This year I am going to make my own Resurrection Eggs.  I love this idea.  I feel like it is a great hands-on way for kids to talk about the Easter story. 
I saw them for sale for close to $20 and then I saw this website.  They have directions for making your own resurrection eggs.  I am pretty sure that I have 90% of all the items that I need, plus if you will remember I have an abundance of plastic eggs.  I plan to get that together this weekend and use it all next week.
If you don't know what Resurrection eggs are plastic eggs filled with different items that represent parts of the Easter story: 
Oyster crackers  - represent the last supper
Nail - represents Jesus being nailed to the cross

Another fun thing I found that I really want to do and also share with the preschool Sunday School class I teach is Easter Jelly Bean Prayer.  I think this will be a great thing to send home with the children.  They will want to eat the jelly beans and also talk about what each color represents.

I found this great idea.  I probably won't do it this year because I think the disappearance of the marshmallow representing Jesus' body might be a little hard for my girls to grasp.  I do love the idea and will keep it in my files for another year.

I also found this great idea, but again I don't think I will get around to it this year.  These are Resurrection Cookies.  If I get organized I would love to do this. 

While we feel that teaching the girls what Easter is about, we also like to do the other things that are often associated with Easter. 
We will hide eggs filled with candy for the girls to find
We will give the girls Easter baskets with treast in them (and let me tell you how super cute their flower baskets are)
We will color eggs
We are also planning on going to the Marshmallow Drop that will be going on at the Park Township Airport.

What are some things your family does for Easter?

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