Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have this really great sister in law.  She has a blog which I love to read.  I feel like I have gotten to know her so well through it.
Anyway the other day she had this post and in it she included this:

Jessica: You're a tremendously good teacher. With the increasingly deteriorating educational system that we're apparently facing it'd be a blessing to hundreds of lives and to the educational system itself for you to acquire a full time teaching job. I know it's your dream and it doesn't make a ton of sense that you've yet to land the position and I know it's belittling to see all the others who've been accepted while you're still trucking away with the migrant kids. But I praise the Lord that you follow Him, that you know His way is perfect and that you willingly submit to His way despite how odd it may seem at times. I'm certain that you're in the perfect place. I see so many teacher moms who take their kids to daycare for tremendous lengths of time 5 days a week. Those moms are great and they love their kids but they're also missing out on the amazing things that you do with your girls every single day. Your children are going to be superiorly special because of the time that you've spent with them while not being a "full time" teacher. I believe you know this but I just had to say it. Additionally it's funny how God works. There might be one migrant kid, just one who's life you NEED to be a part of. For such a time as this and for just one this might be perfect timing. I don't know if we'll ever know God's reasons for certain things but just think you might be drastically changing a life that otherwise would have suffered beyond comprehension. I commend you for a job well done.

(She didn't put it in pink because that is totally not her style but I did because I wanted it to stand out)

I love that she took the time to notice things about me and write them down for me to read.  An added bonus is that it is on her blog so I can go back and read it any time I need a little encouragement.

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