Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This and That

I can't seem to stop eating Ariel's potty treats.  I do this every time I buy  her something new.  Now she is back to chocolate chips.  At least we always have those on hand.

My friend, Shannon, totally believes in this book.
I think I am going to read it and try to follow it. 
I have two not great sleepers. 
(I know it is my fault, I just can't seem to put down a precious sleeping baby).
So with this baby I am going to try something different.,

I have tons of plastic Easter Eggs.  I have only been a mom for 4 years
(and I'm pretty sure I didn't buy plastic eggs when Annabelle was a few months old). 
and for some reason I have way more eggs than I want or need.  It may not look a ton in
the picture, but it really is a lot.  Fortunately I was able to remind myself of this on my
last Dollar Tree trip.

I really love clear protector sheets.  I use them a lot with Annabelle.
We do a lot of activities such as mazes, dot-to-dots, writing number and letters,
and I take pages from those School Zone books and put them the protector sheets. 
By doing this we can reuse the papers over and over!

I found these really cute Easter Egg lights in a box with my Easter stuff.
I really don't have anywhere to hang them, but the girls think they are really neat.

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  1. I highly recommend Dr. Sears' book "Nighttime Parenting". It comforted me in my worries about what others thought and gave me objective reasons for my natural motherly instinct.