Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Money Savings!

My Better Homes and Garden magazine cam yesterday!  
I found a few minutes to quickly skim through it!
I found an article on saving money!
This lady has a blog called so I went to it.
She has this coupon code for saving 80% on!
So you go to the website and you can get gift certificates to specific restaurants, join the Diners Club or buy a general Gift Certificate.  
I bought the gift certificate because for a $100 you pay $40 and then with the 80% off code it costs only $8.  I think I might get another.

Make sure you check out the restaurants that you can use it at.  There is a list of participating restaurants in your area.  Some of them say you have to spend a certain amount in order to use the coupon.  Just make sure you read the small print.
The code expires on June 24, 2010. 

I know you want the code so you can get in on the savings.  It's really going to be cheaper to go out with the gift certificate than to buy groceries.

Actually I'm thinking this would make a really good present for Christmas.  I didn't see an expiration date so this could be a great gift option.   

The code to use at is




  1. What a great find...for sure, gonna look into it! Thanks Jessica!

  2. I agree, thank you & think I'll go get one too!