Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm So Proud

The past five years James has been working 2nd shift at MPS (previously SVH).  Before that he also worked there part time during high school and when he was home from college.  So for about 10 years he has worked for the same company.  That's pretty impressive all by itself, I think.

Anyway,   a few months ago they asked James to train for a customer service position.  He went in earlier during the week and then for a little bit on Friday mornings.

Then there was a customer service job opening.  James applied and we thought he had it.  wouldn't you think so to if you were asked to come train for this exact position?  Well, they gave the job to somebody else.  

So we were wondering if James was doing the training for no reason or if there would be another position in the future.  Some people told James to hang in there because there was a position for him.  They didn't know when - it could be the next 3 weeks, 3 months, or 6 months.  Well, we are pretty used to waiting, so what else could we do?

On Thursday, I was talking to James on the phone and he said he had another call he had to take.  I'm mid-story, but I guess a work phone call is a little more important than what kind of yogurt we got at Wal-Mart.

It was a really really long time until he called me back.  Finally he did and told me he got a 

plus a raise

James will be doing his current job for a few weeks until they find someone to replace him as well as doing the customer service job.  So his hours will be 8am-8/9pm until July 1.

I'm so proud of my husband.  He has been so patient with working 2nd shift and waiting for an opening for days.  I have often had a hard time being alone at night, but I think I can make it a few more weeks.

I am really looking forward to making dinner during the week.  No more chocolate chip pancakes for us!

 I really don't have that many pictures of just the two of us.  Our lives revolve around our little princesses.  This is from the night we got engaged.  
I am really excited for the next phase of our lives.  

You can be praying that I get a teaching job this year.  I have only been trying for 4 years.

Thank you for praying for James while he was trying to get this job.  



  1. That's great news! Very happy for you guys!

  2. Isnt it great when something wonderful happens? God always has a plan in place, we just need to be patient and wait for him. I'm so happy for my kids.