Monday, June 21, 2010

$10 - Week 1

This week I was lucky and started out with $13.  
Here is what I spent my money on:
$1 - Frosty
$2 - Baggies at the Dollar Tree (not sure this should count towards my $10 because we do need them - I"ll let it slide this time)
$2 - Trays at the Dollar Tree
$3 - I got my eyebrows waxed (I had a $10 dollar coupon to Ponopoulos so I just had to pay the difference plus a tip)
$ - spent some money on something

Total Spent:  $10

I have $3 left over, but I can't seem to remember what I spent the other $2 on.  I think this is the point I am trying to make to myself.  I buy things and they are probably pointless if I can't even remember what I bought.

It was hard to save that $3.  I really wanted to buy some pink eyeshadow to go with a shirt I was wearing.  But then when I was looking at it and thinking that I wouldn't have any money to save I decided against it!  Plus after a few hours of wearing pink eyeshadow my eyelids don't look pink, but more red and tired.  


  1. Hi Jessica! This is a good challenge. I don't spend much, but when I do I really don't think about it too much either - - and it probably ends up being $20-30 a pop and I hardly keep track. I should have a set allowance too (so should Steve, he's the spender of the two of us!)
    Here's a tip for saving money next time: I have had my eyebrows waxed at Stanley Harris before - I know, not as professional - but it gets the job done. Total cost: $3 I think they charge like 2.50 for the service, and you can add a tip. I guess I usually give them a $5 but you can get away with a small tip b/c they are students. Maybe I'm too cheap though. ;)

  2. I usually get my eyebrows done by Crystal Nyland -$3. I had a coupon so I went to Ponopolous. I would never pay that much - I'm cheap too!

  3. I just saw Crystal the other day at Captain Sundae! Love that girl. I should call her up for my eyebrows soon :)