Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Try This Out

I made this super good salad the other night.  You should try it out.  What's nice is you can individualize the salad so everybody is happy.
James and I love the Grill Mates marinades. 
I used this one (Meijers $1) on chicken.
Then I just cut up lettuce.
I added tomatoes, black beans, crushed up tortilla chips.
I have cable now so I watch the Food Network all the time and I've been learning some fun things.  Well, with the remaining marinade you can boil it (so it is free of raw meat germs).  Ok, so I boiled it and then I added it to my ranch dressing.  It turned out really good and I had a nice spicy dressing. 
If you do it with just ranch dressing or whatever kind you like it is not as spicy, but the little bit mixed in with the ranch really just Kicks It Up A Notch.

Just buy this and keep it in your cupboard for when you don't know what to make.  It is nice becuase it is made with things that are usually on hand. 

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