Saturday, July 3, 2010

$10 - Week 3

I did great this week with my money. 

I spent most of it, but it was for a good cause - I didn't just spend it on dumb stuff.

Quite awhile ago I had checked out a book from the library and never returned it.  They kept calling me to return it, but I was sure I had since I couldn't find it.  I finally took them seriously when I got a letter from the collections agency in the mail.  We moved the couch and there was the book.  I returned the book and figured I would have a huge fine so I never used my card.  I would always go with James and we would use his card.

This past week he started his new job and is working during the day so there was never a chance to go to the library with him.  I decided that since I love reading so much it would be worth it to pay the fine and have the freedom to go to the library whenever I wanted to.

So I went and said I was sure I had a huge fine, but I wanted to pay it and get a new card.  Well the lady scanned my driver's license and told me my fine was ........................... $4.95

Seriously less than $5?!?!  She told me that when the book is checked out for so long it gets out of their system and when it is returned the maximum fine is $4.95.

I also needed to pay $2 for a new card.
Total Spent:  $7

Total Saved:  $12

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  1. Jessica, that is hilarious!
    I had kids movies checked about a week past due and I also thought I'd get fined big time. It was a pathetic $1.60 or something like that! No more being afraid of my library :)
    P.S. I find your $10 allowance posts very interesting! :)