Sunday, July 11, 2010

$10 - Week 4

Well I blew it this week.  I spent all my money.

$3 at the Dollar Tree 
     *A ball for Ariel (it was pink and sparkly, she had to have it)
     *A princess wand for Annabelle 
      (she only has 3, she really needed another one) 
      (It broke in the car right after we got it)
     *Batteries for some toys I got at a garage sale
$1 at the farmers market
$2 at a garage sale on 3 toys
$4 at Taco Bell for lunch for Annabelle and me.  Pretty good deal I think.

Total Spent:  $10

Total Saved:  $12

I'm not feeling too bad about spending all the money.  I mean it was only $10 and the past 3 weeks I haven't spent it all. 

It looks like I need to stay away from garage sales and the Dollar Tree.

What are you spending your money on?

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