Monday, July 5, 2010

Icy Creamy Ice Cream - What A Treat

Icy Creamy Ice Cream - Can't Be Beat!

We went for a drive last week and ended up at a gas station.  James and I got a little ice cream treat.  While driving we let the girls have licks of our treats.  James ended up giving Annabelle his about half way though.  Well, once Ariel saw that Annabelle had her own there was no way she was going to let me hold mine for her - she had to take over and I let her.

"Oops, I spilled." 
(the first of many between the two of them)

"Um, hey, where is mine?"

"This is soooo good!!"

"I'm lovin this!"

"Yummy Yummy"

"I'm not sure why you never let me have one of these before"

"All gone"
Could she look any sadder?

Now check out Annabelle at about this age

Sometimes it is fun to let them get messy.  

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