Monday, July 19, 2010

Joy List Addition

I cannot believe that I forgot to put this on my list.

*Harlan Coben. 

Have you ever read one of his books?  You have got to read one of his books.  They are scary books, but written so well that you just want to keep reading.  So the first book I ever read by him was The Innocent.  I liked it so much that I e-mailed him to let him know.  In like 2 days he wrote me back!!!  I am positive it was from him and not somebody for him because that seems to be the kind of person he is.  So read one of his books and tell me you don't love Win.  In real life he is somebody I would never associate with, but deep down I really really like him.  I want to meet him.  I want to meet Harlan Coben.  I want to meet Myron.  I am just waiting for the next book to be available so I can read it.  It takes only 2 days to read one of his books. So go to the library and check one out.  I bet you will love it!

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