Saturday, October 16, 2010

Summer Allowance Recap

I never summed up my experience with having only $10 a week this summer.

I still love to buy things and wish I could buy lots more than I can.  
However, even though I am not giving myself $10 I am still thinking about what I am buying.  I am getting pretty good at avoiding the Target One Stop.  Do I really need the light up ring (actually yes, we needed 2 of them and 1 broke 10 minutes after we got home), but I am really thinking about what I am buying.  

I am currently not giving myself a set amount of money for a couple of reasons:
1.  I really don't have that much time to go shopping.  And if I do I really can't do a good job with two little ones.
2.  We are trying to save our money.  We would really like to move into a bigger home within the next year or so.  I'd rather have another bedroom in a new house than a new pair of pants (plus my sister just gave me some so that saved me probably $15-$20).

Try to do this challenge.  Take 10 weeks and give yourself $10.  This might be a good time to do it especially as we come into the Christmas season when we have to buy gifts for others.  You can just do what Annabelle does when she wants something and says, "I'll put it on my Christmas list."

Overall this was a good experience for me.  It didn't cure me of my want to spend, but it did help me examine my spending.

Good Luck to you if you try it!  

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