Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Activities

I have been reading (and now following) lots of fun crafting and homeschooling (I'm not planning on doing this) blogs.  They have great ideas that are easy and not very expensive.

I made these jack-o-lanterns where you can change the face.  Since it is with felt it sticks, but is easily changeable.  All you do is take orange felt and cut out pumpkin shapes.  Then with black felt you make shapes for the eyes, nose, and mouth.  We also made hair, bows, and tear drops.  This is fun for everyone.  It was easy for Ariel for make her own and Annabelle and  Caden had a lot of fun creating different faces too.

I also made this super cute Halloween Memory Game for Annabelle.  You just have to print out pictures of whatever you want.  Then I covered the back with paper (I"m really liking orange and purple for Halloween colors) so that the picture doesn't show through.  I laminated mine because I love all things laminated and I own my own laminator. 

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