Saturday, October 16, 2010

Riley Trails - Round 2

This past Sunday we decided to go back to Riley Trails for our hike.  We really liked it and didn't do very much our first time. This time we actually hiked for quite awhile.
Looking for a different trail to take.
Ready to hike.
Ariel playing in the sand.
Ariel adding a leaf to her nature bag.
Annabelle actually held the grasshopper!
Ariel wasn't so sure.
Se took the yellow trail.
Posing by the Fairy Moss.
"Look at me!  I am strong!"
Not  my best, but this shows how much fun Ariel is having.
Annabelle took our picture.  
Craft Time!
Ariel's placemat.
Annabelle's placemat.
James caught a grasshopper for the girls to see.
Annabelle found a walking stick.

I'm not sure why the pictures got out of order.  I can't seem to get them in the right spots.  It might be mostly my problem since somehow my precious baby turned blogger into (what I guess) Russian.  I am not able to understand anything they are telling me on here.  I do know that Linkki means Link.

Anyway you can probably figure out that we did the placemat craft last.

I hope that you are inspired to take your family out on a hike and enjoy these beautiful fall days!

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  1. good idea get them alone in the woods lets have fun