Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crafter Wannabe

I like to think I'm good at crafts, but when I am actually honest about it I kind of stink.

I am good at researching and finding ideas.
I am bad at getting the supplies all at once.
I am good at starting a project.
I am bad (I mean really really really) bad at finishing a project.
I am good at thinking I am a crafter.
I am bad at proving it.

However, yesterday Erica and I felt in a crafting mood.  I had found some super cute projects and we decided we were going to do a complete project.

Erica was a bit more successful than I was.  She made 2 wreaths.
The first one was a super fun balloon wreath.

The second wreath was a ribbon wreath using Halloween ribbon.

I attempted a ribbon wreath, but it just wasn't happening for me.
Then I tried to make a cupcake Halloween basket - totally ugly.
Then I actually started and completed this fun wreath.
This is the back, I thought it looked cool.

 I am hopefully going to make more of these wreaths.  I was thinking it would look cute to make one to match the girls' room.

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