Friday, May 7, 2010

Downtown Fun

I love going downtown. I like to take the girls for a walk after work when it is nice out.
Some of our favorite things about downtown are:
*Going to the Peanut Store
*Playing on the statues
*Looking at the toys at Sand Castle
*Playing in the tree house at Tip Toes
*Going to JP's
*Smelling the flowers
*Looking at all the fun things in the windows
*Watching the fun fountains
*Dancing to the street performers
I love this picture of Annabelle dancing.
She hears music and can't help herself but dance.

Don't you just love Holland? What is your favorite thing to do in Holland?

1 comment:

  1. that very same list you made is what I like to do in Holland : ) Except I've never been in tip toes and I can't say I've watched the fountains before

    ALSO, in that first picture I can REALLY see the family resemblance between Ariel and Caden