Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cotton Candy

On Thursday afternoon all Annabelle could talk about was getting cotton candy. I told her we would probalby wait until Friday to get it with Daddy. She said she didn't want to wait because she loved cotton candy so much (not sure when she has had it before). So I gave in.
We talked about how I had wipes for her hands when they got sticky and that she didn't have to cry about them being dirty. we went over what to do if she didn't like the stickiness about 5 times.

She wanted to have the money in her purse so she could buy it herself. We got to the cotton candy booth and she wanted to get a pink one. She pays for it and the lady hands her the bag. She smells it and says, "This smells sooooo good. You have to smell it mommy."
This was so exciting so I took her picture with her first bag of cotton candy.

Then she gets all settled in her stroller ready to take her first bite of cotton candy. I open the bag and hand it to her. She barely touches it with one finger and says, "I don't like cotton candy." Seriously, this afternoon you loved it so much. I even tried to feed it to her since stickiness sometimes bothers her. Nope, she would have nothing to do with it.

I had a couple bites, but realized I'm getting older and cotton candy just doesn't taste as good as it did a few years ago. Thats okay, I like to throw away money (not!)

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  1. Isn't that the way? Thats our girl. Gotta love her. These are the things you will look back on a have a little chuckle.