Monday, May 3, 2010

Ariel is 1

My baby is 1 year old today!

We celebrated her birthday yesterday with family. I had a pink and green garden theme party for er. Even though she didn't say so, I'm can tell she loved the theme.

Opening presents

Trying out the new car. This was also Annabelle and Ariel's first official "fight" where both of them cared about the outcome. Ariel was in it, Annabelle squeezed in and moved Ariel out, Ariel circled around and got right back in basically pushing Annabelle out.

Ariel with her special cake.
Cake for everyone else

Not too sure about it

Digging in

All done

I can't believe how fast she went from


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  1. soon be ready for p-ssy "play" happy birthday