Monday, May 17, 2010

All Grown Up

So now that Ariel is 1 she thinks she is a big girl. And since she is a big girl she needs her own popsicle in the tubby. The other day Annabelle decided she didn't want her so Ariel took over for her. Well that just got her thinking that she needed her own popsicle in the tubby.

I wasn't ready to allow Ariel to have a huge popsicle for every bath at the age of 1. That seemed like a lot for such a little peanut.

Fortunately for Ariel, Annabelle picked out these popsicles called Magnificient Minis. Oops, I guess they are Mighty Minis, but they really are magnificient for a little one.

Well they are quite small, which turned out to be perfect for Ariel. She is so proud to have her own popsicle in the tubby. Most of it ends up melting, but she is one happy bather.

Annabelle's popsicle of choice are the Dora the Explorer popsicles.

They are actually one of the better tasting popsicles. I do not recommend the Super Hero ones unless you like your child to have a black mouth.


  1. Jessica, that is the best idea a popsicle in the tub, then they dont make a mess.
    How offten does Annabelle get a popsicle?

  2. She gets a popsicle every time she is in tubby. I would rather her have that then some of the other snacks. The also work as a mood enhancer :)