Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 Days of Thankful - Day 6

I am thankful for my mom and dad.
 They have provided me with everything I have needed to become the person I am.
They taught me about Jesus, how to be caring, that you can't call into work just because you don't want to go, how to love others, how to be independent (although I'd rather not be), how to be a good parent, how to do my best (you have to erase the whole answer before writing one on top of it), and so many other things.
They have also supported me through school so that I could go to college and get my degree.
My mom and dad both together and in their own ways instilled confidence and a sense of self worth in me.
My dad took me on dates after reaching a goal in school, he took me to school every day in middle school, he took me out for breakfast on Fridays in high school, he would look up cheerleading websites for me when I was younger, and he is always there for us.  He works hard, but he never forgot that we are his family and that we were number two in his life.  We are number two because my dad loves the Lord and puts him first.  He is an honest, trustworthy, and intelligent man.  
I love you Dad.
My mom always bought us what we needed (and wanted).  Looking back I am pretty sure she didn't buy herself all the things she would have liked because she always made sure we had nice things.  She taught us the value of money.  As we got older, she would split the cost of things with us.  This helped us understand what things cost.  My mom gave me a love of reading.  She taught me how to keep a home, how to cook, how to make a birthday a special day, how to write thank you notes.  My mom is always praying for me.  My mom is thoughtful, involved, and caring.  
I love you mom. 

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