Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Days of Thankful - Day 4

I am thankful for my sisters!
I am so blessed to have such great sisters.  
I can call them at any time and not feel bad that I might be interrupting anything.
They give me their rejected clothes.
We can be ourselves with each other (the kind of self we really don't let others know) 
Erica, I am so glad you are my sister.  I love that we get to hang out so often.  I love that we don't feel bad if the other person doesn't feel like it.  I love that you love my girls so much.  I love you!
Chelsea, you are the best.  You are so good at keeping up with what is in style, both in clothes and decorating.  You are so creative; even though you didn't end up being an artist you are great at finding a project and making it look awesome.  I love how easy it is to talk to you.  I love your willingness to help whenever you can.  I love you!

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