Monday, August 16, 2010

$10 - Week 9

Well since I didn't have any money to spend I didn't spend any.

I went to the sidewalk sales and did find some things that would have been fun to have. 

Annabelle found this cute musical Christmas tree.  It was originally $40 and on sale for $8.  It would have been fun to have at Christmas time.  I decided not to get it with the money I don't have because I would bring it home and hope that I would put it away.  I wouldn't actually get it into the Christmas boxes and it would make my back storage room messy.  Plus did I really want to buy a Christmas item in the middle of the summer?

I also found some scarves that I would have like to have had.  I talked myself out of these half off bargains by telling myself that the scarves were bright fun colors which would be perfect for spring or summer.  Well spring is a long way off and as for summer, did I really want to wrap something around my neck when I could barely stand to have my hair not in a pony tail.

Maybe this week when i actually have my $10 I will be able to talk myself out of stuff I don't need and save it for new fall clothes! 

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