Thursday, August 26, 2010

$10 - Week 10

I completely forgot to report in on my spending last week.

I almost made it.  Only 1 more week to go.  Well actually I guess I better continue until I get my first paycheck - so 3 weeks to go.

I went to Marshall's in Grandville and spent all $10 at once.  The plus is that I only spent $10.  

I took the girls to play on the toys at the mall and decided to just do a quick browse through Marshall's.  I found these super cute black Steve Madden flats for only $3, but they were a little small when I tried them on.  I figured they would fit Erica so I bought them for her.  Even if they didn't fit her, how could I pass on a pair of shoes for $3.  (I"m guessing the low price was due to the fact that the flower was just hanging on by a string.)  Plus Steve Madden is one of her favorites.  Then I looked and saw a bigger size brown for me!  These were $7.  I guess these were more because the flower was fully attached.

I knew I would be able to glue the flower back onto Erica's shoes so $3 seemed like a great price.  When I went to pay I asked the girl (ever so nicely since I used to work in retail and it is so annoying when people think you are so dumb that you don't know anything about pricing) if I could get the brown shoes for $3.  She said they had different numbers so she couldn't change it.  I was fine with that and felt that $5 per pair of shoes was great.

So here they are
I struggle to stay up with the trends so I"m not sure if the clearance price was telling me that these are totally out or what.  I think they are cute and they seem pretty classic so I'm going to be wearing these this fall. 

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