Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Cleaning Starts Here...

That's right, with the purse

For the past week I have been carrying around my purse and noticing how heavy it was.  I decided that today was a great day to clean it out.  I was really surprised with all that I had in there.

There was so much in there:
2 diapers
a thing of wipes
a changing pad
wallet for money
wallet for cards
empty wallet for when I want to carry just that
a card that I need to send (it is written in)
a napkin
2 checkbooks
empty camera case
1 baby sock
1 baby shoe
baby headband
little bag for make-up and pens
lipstick, lip gloss and pens floating around
a nickel
face wipes
an expired coupon book
Children's Place coupon
Plum Pudding figurine (from Strawberry Shortcake)
teething ring
empty bowl
some bows
sunglasses for Annabelle
iCarly toy from McDonald's (who/what is iCarley?)
pair of earrings
snowflake thing
baby spoon
hair clip and pony tail holder
back up outfit in a bag
skittles (for bribing in the store)
sticker from Carter's (I really don't need them to give me a sticker every time I go)
Chip clip
toy baby bottle

I was able to put about 10% of this back into my purse and find a home for the rest of it. 
If only I was playing that game where you have to find stuff in your purse.

Take a couple minutes to clean out your purse and see what you can find!

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