Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Finally Coming

We have this student who is in Kindergarten who just came from Mexico at the beginning of the school year.  He had been living with his grandparents and didn't know any English.  When we first started working with him we didn't know what to do with him.  It was impossible to have him sit still for even a couple of minutes.  He would roll around on the floor or run out of the classroom. The 2 other people I work with and I each took some time to work with him.  One time I even let him just play with Duplo Blocks.  He didn't know that you could stack them on top of each other.  I had to teach him how to do this (isn't that sad?)

Last week he wrote to 100!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had a copy of his work from December and he had a few lines written, but nothing resembled a number.  Now 3 months later he wrote all the way to 100!

We are working really hard on teaching him the alphabet.  Sarah, who I have worked with for the past 4 years has taught me so much, and one of the things she showed me was that you can write on the table. 

Here is the kids' work.

Its a little hard to see, but he has written the letter C, X, O, D, and a bunch of others that I don't remember.  This is so exciting for me to see.  I love it when the students I am working with make progress.

Aren't we blessed that our children have parents who know how to help them learn at home. Our children are even learning when we don't think we are teaching.  My heart goes out every day to my students because their life is full of challenges.  

*They move every fall and again in the spring
*When the move in the fall they often are living in a trailer or apartment with a few other families
*They don't have parents who know English so they can't ask them questions and at school they don't know the words to ask the questions they have
*They don't have books, toys, crayons, etc. always available to play with at home

We are so fortunate that we can help our children succeed.

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  1. looking at the pics of those sweet girls spring isn't the only thing coming!