Sunday, March 28, 2010

Letters to you

I read about somebody who's new year's resolution was going to be to write a card or letter to somebody everyday.  I thought this sounded like a great idea, but everyday sounded a little intimidating for me.  I don't really have the time or the memory to do it everyday.  I have been thinking about this for awhile and decided I could modify it for myself and write a card or letter once a week.  

I think this is such a great idea because we rely so much on e-mail, facebook, and texts that we forget how much it means to a person to get a personal letter in the mail.  I hope the people I send cards to feel special when they get my card.

I am excited to be using some note cards that I won from More Than Word Photography by Tammi Dryden.  I won these beautiful cards with peonies that she photographed.  She does beautiful work photographing children and families.  

So far I am on track and haven't missed a week (although I only started 3 weeks ago).  I hope I am able to follow through on this for a full year.  

I hope that Annabelle will watch me write letters and see how important writing is as well as how fun it can be.  She already likes to "write" letters to people, so you may just get one from her included with my letter.

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