Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Treat

We got our tax money back (thanks Dad!) so we decided to use a little to buy ourselves a new TV. When we got married we had my parent's old TV.  That died so we ended up getting one from a garage sale.  It has a nice built in VCR (which we have used a lot for Annabelle).  

Here is our old tv

Here is our new TV

We would have loved a new TV a long time ago, but we are glad we waited until we had the extra money to make a purchase that we didn't need.

We also got DirecTV, which was a deal at Best Buy when we got the TV.  I am already hooked on the Food Network and HGTV and it has only been half a day.  James is really looking forward to having ESPN.  Annabelle will love all the shows available for her to watch.  We are going to make her think it is really special when she watches a show that is not PBS so that she doesn't think she can control the TV.  

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