Saturday, March 13, 2010

Make Up v. Make Up


Today I went to Smooch downtown and got some more Bare Minerals make up!!!  I seriously love it so much.  

My sisters and I talk about this pretty much every time we look at make up (which is often because we were brought up learning that "every barn needs painting").  When we got to Target, Meijers, Walmart, or somewhere like that to buy make up we have a really hard time spending over $3 on something.  

We will look at a mascara and say, "Wow, $6 for mascara" or "I can't believe an eye shadow costs $2.50"  But then we will got Smooch or look at Clinique and say, "Wow, that mascara is only $15." 

So today when I went to Smooch to buy my foundation and warmth I was happy to spend what I did, but I know when I got to buy my eye liner at Meijers and it is $2.69 I will carry it in my cart and when I get to the check out I will assess my cart and probably put the eye liner away.  

I don't think I would be able to spend the money on Bare MInerals if it was at Target.  And I wouldn't think twice about spending more for my eyeliner at Smooch.  So is it fair to judge the make up based on where we buy it?   

I really love make up so I will share all the stuff I use:

(Am I lame for writing a blog about make up?)

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