Monday, September 20, 2010

My Little Maids

A few weeks ago my dust buster died.  It was a sad day over here (I think we all cried).  We were given this dust buster at a wedding shower (5 years ago) and used it many times a day.  I used it to clean up my pile when I swept, to clean the hair off the bathroom floor, to get way down in those deep dark crevices of the couch.  I like it so much I usually give it as a wedding present (I know I'm so fun)  

When it died I didn't really know what to do.  Right away I wanted to go buy another one, but then I realized that I hadn't gotten a paycheck from work and maybe a dust buster wasn't a top priority (I did have the girls' dust pan that I could (and did) use).  So I waited and waited and then we had this idea to have a garage sale.

After making a decent amount of money getting rid of junk I decided to go and buy the dust buster that I needed.  I had been using the red Dirt Devil one and really liked it so my plan was to get that again.
Well I got to Target and there was only one of these on the shelf and it was hanging half way out the box.  I was unable to even look at it.  I was disappointed and figured I would just go to WalMart and see what they had.
But then I noticed this:

This wonderful invention was only $1 more than that other wimpy thing.  This is a 3 in 1!
With this you can use it as a dustbuster, put the handle in it and push it around, and then add that wheely thing and push it even easier.  It also comes with one of those pointy attachments to get into small places.

So I brought this home and James was probably thinking "Oh no another cleaning thing"
(I have the Monster Steamer and the Bissel Floor Steamer).

I got it out and put it together and figured if it wasn't great I'd just return it.
But this is what happened

Yes, she is actually cleaning everything from under the table

(Don't mind the stain...I spilled pink pain 3 years ago).

My girls have been cleaning machines.  They love this light weight vacuum that they can actually use.  Annabelle did the whole kitchen floor and the granola bar that Ariel crumbled up.

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