Monday, September 27, 2010

Bedroom Makeover

Since Ariel was born we have had the crib and Annabelle's bed in the same room.
We are done with the crib (for those of you who know us you will know we pretty much never even started).
A couple weeks ago I took it down because I was just going to have two twin beds in their room.  
Chelsea was moving to Florida after getting married so I was going to take her bed and the matching one and use those.
We got one bed set up and then realized that we didn't have the screws for the other one.
So Annabelle has the big bed with the feather bed on it and Ariel has the smaller bed with just a mattress.
Since the beds aren't ready they aren't really (ok, not at all) sleeping in them.

I had been thinking about the bedding for the girls and what I wanted and if I would be able to buy two matching bed sets.  Then one day this summer Chelsea brought me two complete matching bed sets from Pottery Barn.  The little girl she nannies was going to be getting new bedding.  This included the fitted sheet, the flat sheet, a duvet, a quilt, 2 pillow cases, and the pillow sham.  I now have super cute bedding for the girls.  I just need new curtains up and to buy some new pillows for them and a feather bed for Ariel.

I am not much of a decorator and haven't really done much to the condo because I feel it is just a stepping stone until we buy a bigger home.  I was thinking that it would be cute to hang a butterfly or flower from the ceiling. This website: has some super cute things that I would like to use in their room.

The walls are going to stay the same color because I am super super  (plus 10 more supers) bad at completing a painting project plus I don't think a pinky room would be good for resale.

Here are some pictures of the bedding.
Ariel feels really special in her big girl bed.
I don't have a great picture of the whole bedding but you can see how excited they are.
Thanks Chel for thinking of us!

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