Monday, September 27, 2010

Hiking Riley Trails

We went for a "hike" on Sunday evening.  I put the word hike in quotations because I am using the term very loosely.  The main reason is the shoes Annabelle chose to wear.
Erica gave her these jellies last summer and she has loved them to death.  If you click and make the photo bigger you will see that they have come apart at the toe area and her toes are sticking out.  Yet she loves them and felt they would be perfect for hiking.  That is, until she got the first rock in her shoe then this is what happened.
James had to carry her for most of the hike.

We started out by reading the map, which is something Annabelle really likes to do.  

Before we even got started I had to get some pictures on these big rocks they had at the entrance.

We brought along a bag to collect some nature things.  Both girls enjoyed finding lots of things to put in the bag.

We found a great tree to take a picture in.

We found this mossy area and I told Annabelle it looked like fairies might live here and she should have her picture taken like a fairy (she is going to be a fairy when she grows up, but right now she can't figure out why she doesn't have wings).

Annabelle was pretty excited when we noticed a balance beam made out of a tree!
Then Ariel had to try it too.

We were able to see some animal tracks on the trail.

We went by the water and looked at cattails, flowers, and threw acorns into the water.  Isn't that a precious daddy/daughter picture?

Back at home we were able to check out the nature we had collected.

 We found some litter and we were able to talk about how we want to keep the Earth clean.
Annabelle picked it up and put it in our bag to take home so we could throw it away.

We hope you enjoyed following our "hike".  Stay tuned as we try to do a few more this fall. 
Deuteronomy 10:14 
Heaven and the heaven of heavens belong to the LORD your God, the earth with all that is in it.

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