Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's Been Awhile

I haven't blogged in over a week.  I am still getting into the routine of working, brining the girls to playgroup (daycare), making dinner, keeping the house clean, and getting the girls in bed.  I think I've got it figured out, now I just need a couple more weeks of practice before I am good at it.

School has been a little busy for me as I was working hard to get all the new kids tested who speak another language.  Then our schedules are just a bit tricky to figure out.  Hopefully this week I can find a routine at work.

James is super busy at work and has been working quite a few hours.  He goes in around 7am every day and is home around 5:30.  He doesn't stop for a break at all throughout the day.

I'll be blogging more regularly as I get my life a little more organized.

I will leave you with some super cute pictures of my girlies.My sister in law, Michal, took these pictures of the girls at Chelsea's wedding.  She takes beautiful pictures and captures the perfect moment.  Check out her other work on facebook - search for Yourgloryreflected Art.  She is pretty much good at everything artistic.


  1. Very cute pictures! I'm glad you put on FB that you updated your blog b/c otherwise I don't remember how to find it :)
    Hope that the interview you had in GH will turn into a job for you!!
    Random thought: is a 2T pajama still going to fit Ariel if I ever get it to you someday? :)

  2. The photo taking is easy when the kids are so stinkin cute!