Sunday, February 21, 2010

One Proud Wifey

For the past almost 10 years James has worked at MPS (SVH).  He worked there part time in high school and when he was home for the summers during college.  

Recently there was an opening for a customer service person so James applied even though someone else was going to be getting the job anyway.  He had a phone interview with the lady in charge of hiring for all of MPS.  James did such a great job on his interview that they made up a position for him.  He is now working in the customer service area before his actual shift starts and going in on Friday (which he used to have off).  

This week he is going to be working 11 hour days to help out someone who is on vacation.  

We are looking forward to this turning into a permanent position.  The girls and I will love to have him home with us at night.  

I am so proud of my wonderful husband for working so hard (not every man would willingly work 11 hour days).  

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