Monday, February 22, 2010

Be All That You Can Be - As A Mommy!

When Annabelle was born, she was a bit of a challenge (crying from 2 weeks until about 7 months nonstop).  After she calmed down, I thought that it was going to be easy from here on out (or at least until she was a teenager).  Anyway my little girl turned 2 1/2 one day and I realized it was more than just playing house.  

My first born baby was figuring out who she was, what she liked and didn't like, and how things should be.  Although she has been talking for awhile and had a large vocabulary, she would cry if something wasn't going so great.  One day it sort of stopped and she was agreeable and super sweet.

Then a few months later it all started again, but with a new twist.  She was starting to act like me.  I have always liked that I was a bit CDO (That's OCD, but in alphabetical order like it should be), however I didn't realize what a challenge it is for others who do not see things the same way as you do.  

Annabelle will not wear jeans, she will change her clothes if she gets a drop of water on them, she can't stand the tags in her clothes, she will not wear a diaper at night even though she can't make it through the night (this one is the best!). She knows what she wants and if it isn't just right she will have a melt down.  

I am now beginning to realize how frustrated my mom must have been when I would not wear jeans in middle school, or cry about what I was having for hot lunch the next day.  

I am being challenged as a mom raising a child just like me.  I have to think ahead about what might bother Annabelle so that I can prepare her for it or do something different for her.  I don't feel like I am spoiling her or anything, I am just helping her get through things smoothly.

Anyway, in my quest to be the best mom I can be I have been doing a lot of research.  I found this great website that has interviews with specialists in child development.  I found one interview with Dr. Kevin Lehman on  It is about raising a first born child.  It is a great interview.  If you have a a first born child you should take the time to listen to the interview.  (Go to radio, then on the right choose parent channel listings.  Dr. Lehman's interview is #74).  There are lots of other great interviews on lots of great topics.

Even though I am a first born and have a few OCD tendencies, I am finding it quite challenging to raise a first born.  I have to ask the Lord for patience everyday so that her personality does not get the best of me.  Of course I get frustrated, but I deal with it by reminding myself that this precious child was chosen for me!  

Take the time to thank the Lord for your children when they are causing you to become frustrated.  It will help you calm down and remember how much you love your child and how you would do anything for them.

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