Saturday, October 29, 2011

Glitter, So Much Glitter

My New Year's Resolution was to use more glitter.
I found a super easy way to glue glitter.
Spray some aerosol hairspray onto the surface, cover with glitter, spray with hairspray again.

Annabelle and I did some letter A's for her and Ariel.  She did the gold and I did the pink.

I did a picture frame.  This turned out really cute.

My sisters and I also tried shoes.  We were pretty unsuccessful.  The glitter just didn't seem to stay on the shoe with hairspray. 
I found this stuff on amazon and would like to give this a try.  I also read to mix the glitter with mod podge.

Maybe this spring we can make a glitter bird house.  Acutally I think we will pass on that.  We have a bird living in our garage (he acutally made it into the house once) so I don't want to encourage any more bird being close to us.

Happy Glittering

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  1. maybe if you make a house for the bird then he'll move out of your garage.