Monday, December 13, 2010

Snowman Week

This week we had some fun with snowman crafts, books, and snacks.
The girls were very excited to be able to just squirt glue and stick things in it.

  This is what I had envisioned the finished
product to look like.

This is how they actually turned out.

Annabelle's Snowman Ornament
She was a little concerned that it was missing a flower. 
I'm not sure how she even remembered she was missing a
flower with all that she has going on.

Ariel's Snowman Ornament

The problem was that I set them to dry on a cutting board that wasn't totally flat.  
I made these chocolate covered snowman pretzels for a snack.  
They are a cute idea, but my artistic skills make them look a little goofy.
The girls really didn't care and enjoyed them. 

I had a few other crafts to do, but Snowman Week was definitely not as fun as Gingerbread Week.  I think it might be because the books I had were not as fun as the Gingerbread books.  

 This week we will be doing Santa and Reindeer crafts.  It is already off to a fun start.

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